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Like any self-respecting artist, I always have ideas percolating around.

Last November, I began to “see” a more ornate and detailed heart design, like taking Lola a step further.

Instead of rushing into it and wasting a whole bunch of wire, I just let the idea cook.  I designed and sculpted lots of other pieces, like Memory’s Mirror, Estela, Melora, Mysticale, and Daughters Of Zeus.

Each one of those pieces brought me closer to my new heart design: figuring out how to three-dimensionalize the heart, and discovering just the right sculptured swirl pattern.

Towards the end of April, I finally felt ready to tackle the project.  And here’s the results:

image of sterling silver, copper, bronze sculpted hearts with citrine, garnet, peridot

"Till We Meet Again", sterling silver / bronze / peridot, sterling silver / copper / garnet, sterling silver / copper / citrine. © Kristine Schroeder.

Entitled “Till We Meet Again”, these deeply 3-D hearts measure approximately 1 inch square to 1 1/8 inches square.

image of heart sculptures in sterling silver, copper, bronze with peridot, citrine, garnet

Bejeweled with citrine, garnet, or peridot (so far), and accented with tiny cultured pearls.

The Playlist:  Here’s the first ten songs that my iPod played yesterday as I began work on the garnet and peridot hearts…

1.  Psycho – Nick Curran and the Lowlifes
2.  Telephone Line – Electric Light Orchestra
3.   Liebestraum – c. Franz Liszt
4.  Theme From Sonata In C – c. Mozart
5.  Make It Easy On Yourself – Jerry Butler
6.  I Can’t Wait Much Longer – Robin Trower
7.  All Things Must Pass – George Harrison
8.  Rednecks – Randy Newman
9.  Turtle Blues – Janis Joplin
10.  Sticks and Stones – Ray Charles

So now it’s your turn: do these hearts speak to you?  Talk to me 🙂

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